May 29

Join the 30-Day Challenge – A Practice of Faith & Well-being


Are you Ready to Take a Mental and Emotional Fast For 30 Days?

There is nothing easier to do than worry, fret, get upset, and hold grudges. Some of us even resort to anger and hurt feelings more from habit, than for an important life issue.

It seems that as we get busier, we give ourselves permission to fret more often, be in more conflicts or upsetting situations. Thus, most of us lack the awareness and interpersonal skills to stop ourselves in time before our actions become embarrassing and challenging for us and others.

Many of us are stuck in cycles and patterns where we do the same thing and get the same results because we think the same pattern of thoughts. We do the same thing, get the same results, get upset, worry, and fret some more.

This 30-Day Challenge is designed to help us gain awareness of our feelings and what we focus our energy on. In doing so, we will consciously take back the energy we are wasting on these useless emotions. We can then spend more time and energy focusing on what we are truly praying and asking for.

When this happens, we will have more prayers answered, more reasons to believe stronger, and our faith will increase, as well as our gratitude, our energy, and our frequency, empowering us to do more, help others, and be a blessing to the world.


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Are You Ready to Challenge Your Emotions?

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