July 26

How to Get Over Compulsions


Do you have things you must do or take or see? Is it a compulsion, or an addiction?

Compulsions are those things we do not because they are good for us but because we have a burning desire for the reward or feeling we get from doing them.

They seldom add value to our lives and often are an embarrassment we don’t want others to know about.

What is your compulsion? Here are some quick tips to help you overcome those compulsions and maybe take a different action when you feel tempted to act out of compulsion

Watch this short Facebook Live video for the tips I share here.

Do you compulsions or addictive tendencies you are wrestling with? You are not alone. There are simple things you can say, do, think, or tell yourself to get over these compulsions in your life. Let me know if you feel this video was a help to you. Leave a comment below.

To Your Wellness



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