Want to Reduce Cash Flow Stress in Your Business?

Join the Cash Flow Infusion Coaching Session and Change The Flow of Cash Towards You.

The Top Stress for Small Business Face is Cash Flow

Wondering Why You are Always Stressed About Your Cash Flow? 

 There's Never Enough Cash

Want to Identify Some Possible Cash Exits you Need to Plug?

Learn how to reduce your stress so you can see the following:

  • A Clearer Path to Improve Cash Coming in

  • Awareness of Where Cash is Walking Out the Door!
  • Get a step-by-step strategies to implement immediately.

Implement Strategies

Uncover hidden ways to increase your cash flow.

Create Consistency

Get off the hamster wheel of inconsistent cash flow.

Guaranteed at Least One Strategy

Guaranteed to uncover at least one new way to get money now!

The First Cash Flow Infusion Session of 2018!

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.
845 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB
September 25, 2019
7;00 pm to 8:00 pm
Price of $ 397 plus GST (complimentary this week only)

Hear What Past Attendees Have Said...

 Darcy Berrington 

Owner of Aireserv

"Helps create ideas for sales right away."

 Dominick Blais 

Owner of Sphere Media

“This coaching session gave me a better sense of direction and motivation to increase cash flow."

You must have a viable business to attend this session. Not all paid participants will be invited to attend. Note, you may be refunded if we don't think your business qualifies.

with coach joyce odidison

Joyce Odidison is a Master Trainer, Speaker, Leadership Coach, Strategist, Author of 5 books and Business Owner for over 23 years.

Joyce will lead you through some powerful coaching exercises to create new awareness, ideas and insight about how you are may be letting cash flow out of your business needlessly.

Joyce is an excellent coach and group facilitator, you won't want to miss this amazing session.

Joyce has been featured on....

Coaching is The Most Strategic Way to Change and Get Fast Results!

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