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Get the tools to master your personal and career well-being with Joyce Odidison, Keynote Speaker and Master Coach in the Wellness Academy.

Joyce Odidison

The Wellness Competency Academy offers the World's Most Comprehensive

Well-being Curriculum™

Building Key Well-being Competencies for Professionals, Families, Youths, Leaders, Employees and Organizations


Stop guessing and start thriving with confidence and grace.
My 4-step wellness improvement process brings you clarity, focus, and a plan for joy, fulfilment, and health.
Activate the most comprehensive wellness roadmap available, tailored to your unique need for a better life. 

Step Wellness Competency Development Strategy

  • Take the Wellness assessment to pinpoint your well-being risk.
  • Receive personalized wellness roadmap.
  • Access Courses and support to build your wellness competencies.
  • Join weekly coaching sessions to enhance your well-being.


Receive targeted support and ongoing learning to enhance your wellness across all nine dimensions of your life.

Joyce at Workshops and TV Shows

Joyce is a Regularly Featured Expert in TV, Radio, Magazine and Podcast.

What Joyce's Clients are Saying

Petra Rapmund

“Joyce and IWS Inc. has been a great support for our leaders using the Relational Leadership and nine-dimensional wellness process. The leaders report that they learned a lot and are applying these strategies in their work.”

Petra Rapmund


“Joyce’s teaching in a very short time has helped me to build the right skills to feel confident as a Life Coach. Thanks for creating such a great program”


Tim Grouette

“My life has been changed dramatically by all the energy Joyce puts into working with her students. Thank you.”

Tim Grouette

George Naugle

Joyce and Interpersonal Wellness program has been instrumental in my journey to becoming a better person and coach. I started my journey with Joyce and fellow coaches as former great friends during the process. Joyce knows her stuff and teaches what she knows very clearly and professionally.

George Naugle

Carrie Burd

As a speaker and attendee of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, I was amazed at the calibre of programs and comprehensive approach to wellness and diversity of topics, hosted by Joyce Odidison.

Carrie Burd
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