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Topic: Is Conflict Making You Sick?

Conflicts can lead to misunderstandings, frustrations, negative interactions, and high stress, which when prolonged can negatively impact your health. You don’t need to quit your job, end your relationship, or give up on someone you once cared about. Learn how to reduce the negative impact of conflict on your well-being.

Topic: Curb the Bullying Trigger

Are you wondering why bullying still occurs in our workplaces and in society? Bullying is a consequence of thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Recognize the thoughts, emotions, frustrations, fears, and uncertainties that lead to bullying actions. This speech will transform the thought process of your audience about bullying and help them think differently to reduce bullying.

Topic: How Well is Your Workplace?

Is work detracting from your well-being? Work should add to our lives and not detract from our well-being. Learn to spot the things that can cause your workplace to become unwell. Learn the 10 steps to fostering interpersonal wellness and harmony at work.

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