Featured Keynotes

​​​​Thrill your audience with one of these signature topics:

Topic: Can you be Healthy Yet Unwell?

Yes! You carry a healthy body weight, have no medical health problems or known diseases, look great yet be unwell. This speech will help identify the differences between health and wellness and how they relate. It will also help the audience learn their wellness quotient.


  • Distinguish between wellness and health
  • Understand the 8 levels of wellness you can attain
  • Learn how to improve your wellness quotient
  • Learn to take one action that shifts your wellness momentum

Topic: Turn Difficult Conversations into Wellness Conversations

Ever wanted to turn a difficult conversation into a transformation process? Learn how to use the WIS® Conversation framework to hold powerful wellness conversations that empowers immediate change.

  • Stop having difficult conversations
  • Learn to use the wellness conversation framework to transform your conversations
  • Learn to transform any difficult topic into a wellness conversation

Topic: Did you Know That Your Conflict Can Reveal Unwell in Your Life?

Ever wondered why you are experiencing your current conflict? There’s a way to learn how well you are based on your conflict. You will never look at conflict the same way again.

  • Understand the relationship between your conflicts and your wellness
  • Learn to identify your Interpersonal Wellness Quotient (IWQ)
  • Learn how to improve your IWQ to resolve most of your conflicts

Topic: Is Conflict Making You Sick?

Conflicts can lead to misunderstandings, frustrations, negative interactions, and high stress, which when prolonged can negatively impact your health. You don’t need to quit your job, end your relationship, or give up on someone you once cared about.


  • Learn how to reduce the negative impact of conflict on your well-being
  • Learn to understand the impact of conflict on your mental and emotional wellness
  • Gain powerful strategies to forgive, resolve your conflict and move on

Topic: Know When to Intervene in A Conflict

Leaders are often confused about when to intervene in a conflict or not. There is a critical time when you need to intervene in a conflict situation. Learn the conflict progression stages to know when and how to intervene.


  • Learn the progression of conflict stages
  • Learn how what signs to look for and how to respond
  • Lean how to reduce conflict escalation and expansion in your team, group or congregation.

Topic: Curb the Bullying Trigger

Are you wondering why bullying still occurs in our workplaces and in society? Bullying is a consequence of thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This speech will transform the thought process of your audience about bullying and help them think differently to reduce bullying.


  • Recognize the thoughts, emotions, frustrations, fears, and uncertainties that lead to bullying actions
  • Learn how to identify the thoughts that will lead you to bully others
  • Change your view of the reasons and impact of bullying on your and the victim. 

Topic: How Well is Your Workplace?

Is work detracting from your well-being? Work should add to our lives and not detract from our well-being. Learn to spot the things that can cause your workplace to become unwell.


  • Learn the 10 steps to fostering interpersonal wellness and harmony at work
  • Identify the interpersonal wellness detractors
  • Create a plan to foster interpersonal wellness with your team group or workplace.

Topic: Creating a Workplace Wellness Program

Is it time to create your workplace wellness program? Learn how to apply wellness competencies into your organization to align your corporate values for team productivity.


  • Take the mystery out of workplace wellness
  • Explore the nine wellness competencies that can be aligned to your corporate values
  • Learn simple ways to improve wellness at work
  • Learn how to build cost-effective structures to create a culture of wellness at work

Topic: Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?

Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated? Learn surprising ways to cleanse your emotions, reduce stress, and improve emotional wellness.


  • Learn to understand the conflict you are experiencing
  • Understand how conflict works with your biology
  • Learn how to respond the conflict you are facing