About Joyce

DEI Expert, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, & Master Coach.

Helping Mid-Career Professionals Navigate Difficult Relationships to Excel at Work


Are you looking to do something revolutionary in your career or organization this year? Let’s have a conversation to explore new opportunities for learning that will maximize your work possibilities.

Whether you head a training department in need of competency-based content for your employees, are a busy professional climbing the corporate ladder, an emerging or seasoned leader, or a diverse employee in need of support to address barriers to exclusion; let's have a call to explore.

I am grateful to have served a diverse clientele in my decades of work as a Conflict Analyst, Master Certified Coach, Workplace Wellness Expert, and Corporate Trainer.

I have created high-level training content, innovative tools, and processes to increase harmony, reduce stress, promote DEI, resolve interpersonal challenges, and foster well-being at work for decades.

I also help you create career, home, and relationship synergy.

I founded Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., and Coach Velocity School of Coaching, which offers an ICF-approved program. I have also founded the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit to provide a place for leaders and employees to connect, network, engage, and learn best practices to foster inclusive wellness at work.

I am very excited about our new course offerings:
•Decoding DEI Conflicts at Work Course
•DEI and Well-being Coaching program
•Inclusive Wellness at Work
•Relational Leadership Coaching program
•Global Workplace Wellness Summit 2023

Looking for new training content? Contact me to learn how my team and I can help you turn your obstacle into an opportunity.

Visit my website to take a course: https://interpersonalwellness.com/

Workshop Participant

"Joyce was able to engage the attendees which promoted the sharing of experiences and ideas, along with providing awesome information."

Grand Valley HRPA Member Attendee

Joyce's presentations are informative, engaging, and inspiring all at the same time. You can see she enjoys sharing her knowledge

Government of Manitoba employee

"Joyce sessions are always engaging and insightful. I know I will take a few nuggets from her training sessions."

Keynote Topics

How to Decode DEI Conflicts Wherever it Occurs

Leading Expert Joyce Odidison Shares Thoughts On How to Decode and Analyze DEI Conflicts to Reduce Tension, Stress, and Pushback to Your DEI Initiatives.

Is Resilience Necessary to Thrive Through Disruptions?

Bring Leading Expert Joyce Odidison to Share the Seven Steps for Building Resilience to Thrive Through Tough Times, and Your Particular Disruption.

Key Secrets of Building an Inclusive Wellness Culture at Work

Leading Expert Joyce Odidison Outlines Essential Steps to Build an Inclusive Wellness Culture That Promotes Psychological Safety in the New World of Work.

Explore the Link Between Wellness, DEI and High Performance

Bring Leading Expert Joyce Odidison to Present the Links Between DEI, Well-being and High Performance as we Traverse the Epidemic of Mental Health in Workplace.

Career, Home, and Relationship Synergy in the New World of Work

Bring Leading Expert Joyce Odidison to Teach Key Strategies to Create Career, Work and Relationship Synergies That Works in The New World of Work.