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 If you have tried many things and still feel stuck with your wellness, then try the Wellness Cafe Sessions and map out a strategy for your wellness with Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP and her team of wellness coaches.

Each month we travel through one of the wellness dimensions .

Join The Free Wellness Coaching Cafe!

Joyce Odidison is Canada's Leading Interpersonal Wellness Improvement Expert, Professional Certified Coach, Conflict Analyst, Business Owner for 21 years; organizational development specialist, and owner of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is a Resident Problem Solver for Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Joyce's mission is to help people work well, live well, and play well.

Upon entering the wellness cafe you will be introduced to the other participants. You will identify a key life area you would like to improve.

Wait.... you will also learn about how all the wellness dimensions will help your overall wellness.


Each month we explore one dimension of wellness and what it takes to move to a higher level of wellness in that area.

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What You'll Get in the Coaching Cafe Sessions:

  • A rich conversation on wellness
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  • Get Support on Your Wellness Journey

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