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Next Mastermind Starts - September 23, 2019


After spending the last 23 years growing and scaling my own business, failing, making terrible mistakes and taking mind numbing risks; losing it all and coming back strong, I created the WIS Mastermind concept to help my clients develop entrepreneurial and financial confidence.

Hi, I'm Joyce Odidison, and if you want to scale your business and need support and thinking partnership and not make some of the expensive mistakes I made then I want to work with you.


My aim is to help you become part of a powerful mastermind network of business owners who think alike.

These are folks who are prepared to do what it takes to grow their business and make a meaningful impact in the world then you are invited to apply for your first mastermind session with me.

The most powerful way to grow your business is by mastermind. The most productive information I employ in business is from masterminding.

Now I want you to get the same experience.

The Top Reason Small Businesses Fail is Due to Lack of Structure and Adequate Support!

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A Mastermind Program will Help You:

Develop new business ideas....

  •  A 90 Minute On-boarding Strategy Session
  • Identify Your Biggest Needs
  • Create a Strategy for Success
  • Implement Daily Accountability Strategies for Rapid Success

Growth Curriculum
  • Develop new successful leadership skills
  • Creating your own business blue ocean
  • The cash flow infusion project
  • Optimizing to work from your brilliance
  • Thinking partnership and accountability

You may be asking why or if mastermind would be valuable to you or even dismiss it as silly, (I know this is a big step for you and one to take very seriously and you should) I will say this... it your mastermind will become your secret weapon in business.

Imagine having a safe confidential place to discuss with other professionals who can actually do something to help you in your business or venture?

You will also get to tap into the secret spiritual power of prayer for your business, so you can activate the favour, wisdom and wins and greater success in their business and lives.

The collective wisdom, accountability and knowledge for the group allows you to reduce fears, anxiety, and roadblocks. ​

Get access to new research, marketing strategies, tips and tools to excel in all nine dimensions of your life.

The WIS Mastermind Approach

Ready to grow your business and yourself?


Unleash the power of the WIS Mastermind approach and get support to improve your business and your life!

Apply to join an upcoming mastermind session.

Did you know that all the successful business people are in masterminds?

Access The Collective Power of Minds for Your Success.

Note that being invited to a mastermind session is not a guarantee that you will be accepted in the group or automatically gain membership.

Successful masterminds are very selective. They grow organically members must be carefully selected.

Tap into the power of the mind!

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