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Joyce Odidison is Canada's Leading Interpersonal Wellness Improvement Expert, Professional Certified Coach, Conflict Analyst, Business Owner for 21 years; organizational development specialist, and owner of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is a Resident Problem Solver for Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Joyce's mission is to help people work well, live well, and play well.

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  •  A 90 Minute On-boarding Strategy Session
  • Identify Your Biggest Needs
  • Create a Strategy for Success
  • Implement the Powerful Daily Accountability Strategy for Rapid Success

WISBusiness Curriculum:

  • Become a Better Leader
  • Work from Your Unique Genius
  • Supportive Processes to Save Time and Money
  • Get High Quality Ongoing Business Development for Your Business

If you are wondering what makes WISBusiness different from the other programs out there and why you should trust me with your business success, (I know this is a big step for you and one to take very seriously and you should) I will say this... it is my secret weapon of prayer. I hold my client business up in prayer daily. I believe that everything we do is a divine gifting and that we should constantly seek divine help to do the things we are so busy to notice. So yes, in addition to working with you to apply key business principles, we will host our monthly prayers for your business.

If you want to reduce the fear and anxiety, remove roadblocks, regain work life balance, build your faith, get back some hope in yourself and your business as well as expand your mind to grow your business; then WISBusiness Academy is the place for you.

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All these comprise a proven system with strategies and steps that have worked for 21 years in my business to help you save TIME and MONEY in your business.

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