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We help employees and couples improve all areas of their lives and relationship using the nine dimensional wellness improvement model.

Improve Your Life, Enhance your Relationship, Restore Your Well-being, Create Work-Life Balance with tips from the WISLife Success Factors! 

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for more than 20 years the wislife Wellness Improvement BluePrint  has served EMPLOYEES IN CORPORATION AND THEIR FAMILIES to thrive. 

Are You Tired of The Same Problems, Conflicts, and Relationship Issues?

The Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) 

Is the most comprehensive Wellness System on the Market with a whole life wellness blueprint to systematically turn your whole life around with a simple road map to follow.

Here's How it Works:

  • Sign-up for for WISLife Academy
  • Complete your WISLife Assessment
  • Receive your WISLife Analysis Profile
  • Attend the WISLife Orientation with your Coach
  • Begin working on your first Life
  • Pillar using the WISLife Framework

We work on each pillar of your life and rebuild it one pillar at a time until you have improved all the areas of your life that you desire to improve. (If you are sponsored by your organization, we will invoice them directly.)

Our Clients Get Fast Results and Great Success! 

Restore your Energy, Vitality, Finances, Relationships, Well-being and Life Success.

Release Roadblocks and Improve Your Well-being.

No more guessing what the problem is or what you need to do first, or work on. The WISLife Wellness Blueprint helps you assess how well you are and identify what needs to be done to improve your wellness instantly.

Join the Whole Life Wellness Revolution!

Get help to improve an area of your life below:

Interpersonal skills training
Help for couples

Change Your Whole Life One Step at a Time!

Hi, I'm Joyce Odidison,

Ever wondered if you could do well in your career and have amazing relationships; have great children, and friends, and feel great, be healthy, and with abundant energy?

Get the help you need to work on all areas of your life one dimension at a time. WISLife Academy offers you a place to identify and develop every aspect of your life, starting with an assessment of where things are and where they need to be.

Get help to deal with that troubled some relationship, a challenge marriage, a difficult life challenge that is causing you stress, while you work on improving your wellness in every area of your life. Restore your financial wellness, emotional wellness, social wellness and more.

Start Today!

You pay only $197 per month till April 1, 2018! Price goes up to regular $297 on April 2, 2018

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Also, get a bonus course added to your account each month free, along with your monthly coaching calls for as long as you remain in the program!

Do You Have Any Reservations?

  • Worried that you won't have the time to do the course work? The WIS Courses are online and you can watch the videos at your leisure, watch part before bed and journal and watch another part in the morning start your day.

  • Worried that you won't, follow through? We send out reminders of all the our coaching sessions and provide the support and encouragement to help you implement the WIS strategies.

  • Tired of being assessed? I get it, however, the WIS Assessment is not a bunch of random questions like on the psychometric assessment that categorizes you. WIS is a self-assessment that gives you amazing insight into how you are doing right now.

  • Not sure you want to know all these things about yourself? This is your life and you need to know what is happening all the time and make decisions to change course when needed. Don't remain ignorant about what is in the way of your life wellness and ultimately your life success.

Here's Why I'm Offering this Program...

The main reasons why you are seeing this program now:

  • Every time I present a keynote, workshop, seminar, or corporate webinar; attendees approach me to ask if I can work with their siblings, adult children, spouse, or friends, so I am making myself available to help you and your friends and loved ones too.

  • For 21 years, I have worked exclusively with people whose workplaces paid for them to work with me. They pay and continue to pay me very well to do so but I have always wanted to help those who didn't have a workplace that would invest in their whole life wellness. I am now making these strategies available to more people at a rate that everyone can afford.

That’s why I am offering a LIVE WISLife Coaching Sessions every month to help you break down the barriers to living well and having great relationships.

Our clients tell us working on the Wellness Improvement System brings more balance, peace and abundance in their life. You can have the same results now.

With These Incredible Bonuses:

A Course in Spiritual Wellness (Worth $297) Right Now!

You will also get the additional bonus of a new wellness course each month you remain in the Academy to help you master all 9 wellness improvement competencies. 

The total value of these courses are worth $2673.

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Get the Help to Improve Your Whole Life!

  • Get help to improve your life and stop making the same mistakes.
  • Get coached on setting personal boundaries.
  • Get help with your relationship conflicts.
  • Get help to address family disputes.

Wait! You'll Also Get....

For only $197, you get a bonus of 9 Wellness Improvement Courses - one each month for each month you stay in the program added to your account for FREE! These courses provide insight and learning on a different life area each month. If you love working with us and decide to stay with the WISLife Academy, you will be billed for this discounted fee of $197 per month for the dynamic LIVE Monthly Wellness Conversation coaching call that focuses on one area of your life. 

Get help to complete an assessment on different area of your life each month and get a free wellness course with strategies to improve the areas you want to develop, and you can go deeper in our LIVE Monthly Wellness Conversation Calls where I will share cutting edge tips to improve your life wellness, your relationships, change your mindset, build resilience, and resolve life conflicts that may be getting you down and making you ill.

A Roadmap to Living in Integrity

(Worth $297)

You Get Free Access Now!

This course provides an easy to follow roadmap to living with integrity with your values, as well as creating balance in your life. 

You get it for free by signing up for Monthly Wellness Coaching! 

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A Course in Communication and Social Wellness 
(Worth $297)

Get this Entire Course in Month 2!

This course will help to establish boundaries and set new targets for networking and building your personal brand. 

You get it for free by after your first 30 days in the Monthly Wellness Conversation. 

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A Course in Emotional Wellness
(Worth $297)

Get this Entire Course in Month 3!

This course will help you develop the self-mastery and emotional intelligence to take back control of your emotions. No more relying on others to feel good about yourself.

You get it for free by after your first 60 days in the Monthly Wellness Conversation. 

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with coach joyce odidison


Joyce Odidison is Founder of the IWS Coaching Institute, Leadership Coach, Strategist, and Author of 5 books. Joyce brings a wealth of experience working with families, couples, co-workers and groups in conflicts. Learn from Joyce's ground breaking WIS model and get the tools for support and structure to improve your life, relationship or heal your family relationships. Joyce is one of Canada's leading Interpersonal Wellness Expert's with more than 21 years experience helping people to work, live and play well.

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