Joyce is the World’s Foremost Wellness Improvement Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach and Conflict Analyst.

She helps organizations, teams, congregations, and individuals improve how well they work, live, and play.
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When change happen we often get overwhelmed, upset, frustrated and disconcerted. The Dis-ease Release Technique is a way to move through the dis-ease in our bodies to free ourselves from stress, burnout and depression, so we can be resilient in work and life. Learn more


Joyce is a compelling keynote speaker, using her nine-dimensional wellness system to help audiences move through change with grace and ease. She shares a compelling message with an easy to apply framework that allow her audiences to leave with strategies they can immediately apply to improve their life wellness. Book Joyce


Joyce is a Conflict Analyst who has helped thousands of employees resolve difficult workplace issues during times of change. She has more than 22 years experience working with organizations, teams and groups to reduce Conflict, Harassment or Bullying? 

Joyce Saves Her Clients Thousands of Dollars Annually.

Every year Joyce saves her clients thousands of dollars in time, stress, and money that would otherwise have been wasted in unresolved conflicts, costly avoidance tactics, and expensive litigation.

Joyce excels at connecting with her audience. She brings a sense of calm, trust, and pragmatism to complex topics and difficult situations. She is an experienced conflict analyst and strategic coach, who builds inclusive dialogue and interpersonal wellness in times of change or high stress. She calls it Relational Well-being, a process that moves people from emotional and interpersonal distress to consensus, collaboration, and interpersonal resilience.

Joyce is President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit that offers a series of live and virtual summits offering content to design, build or supplement wellness programs at work.

Joyce has also created her own International Coach Federation (ICF approved), coach training certification and wellness facilitator program that certifies wellness coaches and facilitators and consultants around the globe in the WIS® approach.

Joyce uses her signature nine-dimensional WIS® approach to assist groups, teams, and congregations to be free of the negative stress, disease, and tension of disharmony for over 22 years. Joyce is the author of five books and is a well-rounded speaker for your next retreat, a conference or summit.

Joyce is an amazing presenter who offers great content in a stimulating way. Her sessions are always full. Participants keep wanting more and report they learn lots from her sessions. They lover her presentation style."

Karen Gander

MCCA - Professional Development Directo

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Joyce's Top Selling Book Ever!

Ready to deal with the hurt, upset and frustrations in your life or work? Conflict is an everyday part of life relationships. In this book, Joyce helps the reader gain a better understanding of their conflict and how to apply surprisingly easy strategies to prevent, reduce and resolve their conflicts.

Joyce is the founder of the innovative Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), the most comprehensive course correcting system to get your life back on course to total live wellness in 90 days or less.

Joyce Presenting and Interacting with Participants

Programs Offers Innovative Programs

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Is There an Area of Your Life That You Need Help With?

Do you need to develop better control of your anger? By developing supporting life skills you can concur the battle to control your anger. Develop the skills that can support your anger-management efforts. Improve your life and work skills, anger-management, communication, or decision-making skills at the WISLife Academy. Participants get help to transform limiting behaviours, Learn key skills and get support to develop their overall well-being. WISLife Academy provides the structure to identify what's wrong and fix it. No more guessing or wondering. Take precise actions to get targeted results and improve life skills for professional success. (PS. You can also enroll a spouse or family member. Ha!) (Yes, we work with a spouses or family members. Ha!).

​​​​Leadership Development and Coaching

Want to improve leader relations at work? People don't leave jobs they leave bosses. Are you losing good people due to poor relations? Join the Relational Leadership Academy (RL) to get help now. If you are worried about your corporate reputation due to leader interactions, then RL may be a great fit for your organization.

Coach Training and Certification

Ready to begin the next chapter of your life? Becoming a certified coach may just be the answer. Get the WISCoach Pass and learn ease at your own pace and price with Joyce Odidison and her team in the World Class WIS Coaching Institute, an ICF approved training program. Become eligible to offer some of Joyce's training with clients.

Relational Wellbeing Courses

Get high content courses on leadership, wellness and life to improve your work or live. WIS E-courses and webinars and on demand and always available when you want to learn something new.

Books by Joyce Odidison

Wellness Improvement System Assessment Instrument

The Wellness Improvement System Assessment Booklet is used as a tool to measure the wellness within the social, emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, financial, environmental, and physical life dimensions. The WISA booklet allows you to review and analyze where you are situated within each life dimension.

IWS: Improve Your Interpersonal Intelligence

This is a workbook used to measure the wellness of an individual, group, or team. It is meant to supply strategies and tools for improving overall wellness whether at work, at home, or in your relationships. The Interpersonal Wellness Quotient is an instrument used to measure and gauge how well you're doing in the eight life dimensions.

Interpersonal skills training

Hurt, Upset, Angry, Frustrated?

Tired of the negative emotions, the drain on your energy, and time spent dealing with a current conflict?

This book provides some surprising ways to understand and deal with conflict in all phases. Try these easy to understand and applicable solutions for everyday conflicts.

Getting Ready for Mediation: A Pre-Mediation Concept

Are you entering a mediation and not sure what to expect? This little workbook gives you the tools and insight into your conflict and prepares for approaching mediation with some clarity and vision.

Coaching Interpersonal Skills & Wellness Competencies

Coaching Interpersonal Wellness System theory is a very well put together textbook that outlines a powerful coaching model.

The book examines the history, foundation and founding perspectives on coaching. It introduces the integrated wellness system perspective relating personal and interpersonal dynamics. It shows that being well is more than a physical state of being.

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