How to Think of and Stop Gossip

Do you gossip about others? I mean to say things about them to another that you wouldn’t want them to hear? If so, then that’s gossip. Gossip is anything you say about a person to another that is not constructive towards helping that person. So if I say that I want us to help you with this task and how can we go about it, then that’s not gossip. However, if I say you have a bad attitude and I just can’t deal with you anymore to another and not you then that’s


Remember, gossip is a terrible thing to carry on. It sends negative energy to the relationships and takes away from your ability, to be honest, and authentic.

Today I want to encourage you to go to the source to solve the problem. If you find yourself saying something ask yourself if you would want the person to hear this, if not rephrase it and share it with the person who can do something about it. Let me know how this video and blog help you view conflict differently. Leave me a comment below.

To Your Wellness



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