January 14

Emotional Wellness Cleanse

What If Your Emotions Were The Reason Why You Are Facing This Issue In Your Life?

It has been said that our emotions colour our world, as well as how we view and experience life. If we feel blue then we see the world via blue lenses and our interactions and exchanges with others will reflect our blue emotions. Sometimes we don’t even understand the depths of our emotions and how they are impacting our lives. As a result, many of us stay stuck, not going anywhere, not reaching our goals, not overcoming the challenges in our path, nor fulfilling our destiny.

There is no reason to end life with a long list of things left undone. I have a little song that I hum. I think it’s a chorus I learned as a child. It says: “don’t let me leave behind an unfinished task. I want to be fully used up and to have exercised every opportunity that came my way when I leave this life.

This year, I started out with the emotional wellness cleanse and I am having tons of insight as I explore a number of emotional blocks and help my clients unblock those too. Some of you have asked if you can still join. The answer is yes, you can join and start your 30-days emotional Wellness Cleanse here

Here are the topics for week 1. You can access these in our portal or on YouTube here

I hope you take this opportunity to release the emotional blocks to make room for what life has for you in 2021.

To Your Wellness,



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