June 30

The Seduction of Anger


Has the rush of anger seduced you?

When was the last time you expressed anger and felt great about yourself after? It is so easy to tell someone off, dismiss a person, or even yell at them, or demonstrate some other act of anger towards them, sometimes it never seems enough.

It seems the more we get angry at one person, another person’s behaviour also makes us upset and angry. What is wrong with the world, we often think. Failing to realize that it is our views on the world, or things that is off.

What if we had a view of the world that led us to resort to anger less? What if we saw things and remembered that we shouldn’t be judging them?

In my anger-management coaching program I teach clients to develop the interpersonal skills that support reduce reliance on anger. This allows them to reduce them their frequent trips to anger.

Anger is a seductive emotion because it prevents us from taking the time to realize what is happening in other areas of our lives. When we go to anger we don’t have to think of the pain, hurt, loneliness, disappointment or even self-loathing that we feel.

It is so much easier to focus externally and see those around us as the cause of our upset and anger. Today, I want to challenge you to take a deep breath and an emotional vacation from anger. See how many times you will be pulling yourself back from the verge of anger, blame and all the related emotions.

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